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Many wineries own and manage their own estate vineyards, so a distinction had to be made as to what to count. Vineyards that produce and bottle wine under their own label are not listed here but are on the Wineries page instead. Vineyards that sell grapes to other wineries, but also show up at the wine festivals selling their own wine are also not counted. To keep it simple, what is counted are those grape growers and farmers that predominately sell bulk wine grapes to other wineries. With that said, there will undoubtedly be a few entities listed under both Wineries and Vineyards. Hope that makes sense! Some vineyards offer tours and tasting at their facility as well.

There are of course a lot more vineyards in Washington. This section is being expanded big time. The hardest task is determing the actual location of the vineyard to populate the maps.




Alder Creek Vineyard Mabton 509-894-2919
Alder Ridge Vineyard Prosser 509-786-9116
Boushey Vineyards Grandview
Celilo Vineyard Underwood 509-493-2916
Chateau Champoux Tasting & Tours Alderdale 509-894-5005
Klipsun Vineyards Benton City 509-967-3395
Red Willow Vineyard Yakima