Oregon Wineries List

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Oregon Wineries List





Springhill Cellars Chehalem Mountains Albany 541-928-1009
Amity Vineyards Willamette Valley Amity 503-835-2362
Antica Terra Winery McMinnville Amity 503-452-5369
Calamity Hill Vineyard Rogue Valley Amity (503) 868-7115
Coelho Winery Columbia Gorge Amity 503-835-9305
Dukes Family Vineyards Umpqua Valley Amity 503-835-0620
Iota Cellars Yamhill-Carlton Amity 503-507-8063
Kristin Hill Winery Columbia Gorge Amity 503-835-0850
Mia Sonatina Cellars Willamette Valley Amity 503-449-0834
Toluca Lane Rogue Valley Amity 971-241-7728
John Michael Champagne Cellars Walla Walla Valley Applegate 541-846-0810
Wheatridge in the Nook Willamette Valley Arlington 541-454-2585
Ashland Vineyards & Winery Rogue Valley Ashland 541-488-0088
Dana Campbell Vineyards Eola-Amity Hills Ashland 541-482-3798
Grizzly Peak Winery Rogue Valley Ashland 541-482-5700
Weisinger's of Ashland Eola-Amity Hills Ashland 541-488-5989
Shallon Winery Umpqua Valley Astoria 503-325-5978
Piluso Vineyard and Winery Chehalem Mountains Aumsville 503-749-4125
Aurora Colony Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Aurora 503.678.3390
Champoeg Wine Cellars Rogue Valley Aurora 503-678-2144
Cooper Mountain Vineyards Dundee Hills Beaverton 503-649-0027
Ponzi Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Beaverton 503-628-1227
Maragas Winery Chehalem Mountains Bend 541-330-0919
Volcano Vineyards McMinnville Bend 541-617-1102
12 Ranch Wines Dundee Hills Bonanaza 541-545-1204
Alexana Vineyard & Winery Chehalem Mountains Carlton 503-852-3013
Andrew Rich Wines Willamette Valley Carlton 503-284-6622
Angel Vine Elkton Carlton 503-969-7209
Anne Amie Vineyards Rogue Valley Carlton 503-864-2991
Bryce Vineyard Eola-Amity Hills Carlton 503-852-6100
Canas Feast Chehalem Mountains Carlton 503-852-0002
Carlo and Julian Winery Umpqua Valley Carlton 503-852-7432
Carlton Cellars McMinnville Carlton 503-852-7888
Domaine Coteau Willamette Valley Carlton 503-697-7319
Domaine Meriwether Columbia Gorge Carlton 503-852-6100
EIEIO & Co Willamette Valley Carlton 503-852-6733
Ghost Hill Cellars Willamette Valley Carlton 503-852-7347
Hamacher Wines Willamette Valley Carlton 503-852-7200
J Daan Wine Cellars Chehalem Mountains Carlton
Ken Wright Cellars Willamette Valley Carlton 503-852-7070
Laurel Ridge Winery Chehalem Mountains Carlton 503-852-7050
Lazy River Vineyard Umpqua Valley Carlton 206-324-6708
Lemelson Vineyards Umpqua Valley Carlton 503-852-6619
MacCallum Family Cellars Eola-Amity Hills Carlton 503-345-9218
Monks Gate Vineyard Umpqua Valley Carlton 503-852-6521
Noble Pig Chehalem Mountains Carlton 503-852-3038
Omero Cellars Columbia Gorge Carlton 503-852-3067
Resonance Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton Carlton 503-852-6373
Retour Wines Willamette Valley Carlton 971-237-4757
Ribbon Ridge Vineyard Rogue Valley Carlton 503-502-5255
Scott Paul Wines Chehalem Mountains Carlton 503-852-7300
Seven of Hearts Yamhill-Carlton Carlton 971-241-6548
Siltstone Wines Willamette Valley Carlton 503-864-4858
Solena Estate Eola-Amity Hills Carlton 503-852-0082
Soter Vineyards Willamette Valley Carlton 503-662-5600
Stone Griffon Vineyard Rogue Valley Carlton (971) 237-1045
The Carlton Winemakers Studio Eola-Amity Hills Carlton 503-852-6100
Twelve Wine Willamette Valley Carlton 503-358-6707
Tyrus Evan Chehalem Mountains Carlton 503.852.7010
WildAire Cellars Willamette Valley Carlton 503-851-3689
Zenas Wine Eola-Amity Hills Carlton 503-852-3000
Bridgeview Vineyards Cave Junction 541-592-4688
Foris Vineyards Winery Willamette Valley Cave Junction 800-843-6747
Windridge Vineyard Willamette Valley Cave Junction 541-592-5333
Caprice Vineyards Willamette Valley Central Point 541-499-0449
Ledger David Cellars Willamette Valley Central Point (541) 664-2218
RainSong Vineyard Elkton Cheshire 541-998-1786
A Blooming Hill Vineyard Willamette Valley Cornelius 503-992-1196
Ardiri Eola-Amity Hills Cornelius 503-628-6060
Dion Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Cornelius 503 407 8598
Gypsy Dancer Estates Willamette Valley Cornelius 503-628-0955
Belle Vallee Cellars Willamette Valley Corvallis 541-757-9463
Tyee Wine Cellars Chehalem Mountains Corvallis 541-753-8754
Saginaw Vineyard Willamette Valley Cottage Grove 541-942-1364
Gilstrap Brothers Vineyard Willamette Valley Cove 541-568-4646
Amalie Robert Estate McMinnville Dallas 503-831-4703
Beckenridge Vineyard Willamette Valley Dallas 503-831-3652
Chateau Bianca Winery Willamette Valley Dallas 877-623-6181
Illahe Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Dallas 503-831-1248
Namaste Vineyards Rogue Valley Dallas 503-623-4150
Van Duzer Vineyards Willamette Valley Dallas 503-623-6420
Archery Summit Winery Columbia Gorge Dayton 503-864-4300
Armonea Yamhill-Carlton Dayton 503-864-3446
De Ponte Cellars McMinnville Dayton 503-864-3698
Domaine Serene McMinnville Dayton 503-864-4600
Durant Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Dayton 503-864-8502
Hauer of the Dauen Eola-Amity Hills Dayton 503-868-7359
Methven Family Vineyards Eola-Amity Hills Dayton 503-580-1320
Stoller Vineyards Umpqua Valley Dayton 503-864-3404
Thistle Wines Chehalem Mountains Dayton 503-590-0449
Vista Hills Vineyard Dayton 503-864-2154
White Rose Wines Yamhill-Carlton Dayton 949-275-8021
Wine Country Farm B&B &Cellars Eola-Amity Hills Dayton 503-864-3446
Winter's Hill Vineyard Rogue Valley Dayton 503-864-4610
Depoe Bay Winery Rogue Valley Depoe Bay 541-765-3311
15 Mile Winery Chehalem Mountains Dufur
Argyle Winery Dundee Hills Dundee 503-538-8520
Ayoub Vineyard Willamette Valley Dundee 503-805-2154
Barrel Fence Cellars Columbia Gorge Dundee 503-538-7177
Battle Creek Winery Willamette Valley Dundee 503-507-8414
Bella Vida Vineyard Chehalem Mountains Dundee 503-538-9821
Cameron Winery Dundee 503-538-0336
Cleo's Hill Wines Willamette Valley Dundee 503-538-5302
Crumbled Rock Winery Willamette Valley Dundee 503-537-9682
Dobbes Family Estate Willamette Valley Dundee 503-538-1141
Domaine Drouhin Oregon Willamette Valley Dundee 503-864-2700
Duck Pond Cellars Dundee 503-538-3199
Dusky Goose Rogue Valley Dundee 503-542-4298
Erath Vineyards Willamette Valley Dundee 503-538-3318
Fox Farm Vineyards Willamette Valley Dundee 602-481-9463
Hatcher Wineworks Willamette Valley Dundee 503-864-4489
Lange Estate Winery & Vineyard Willamette Valley Dundee 503-538-6476
Le Cadeau Vineyard Rogue Valley Dundee 612-799-8969
Maresh Red Barn Dundee 503-537-1098
Nysa Vineyard Willamette Valley Dundee 503-538-3605
Pamplin Family Winery Chehalem Mountains Dundee 503-538-0225
Sokol Blosser Winery Yamhill-Carlton Dundee 503-864-2282
The Four Graces Eola-Amity Hills Dundee 800-245-2950
Torii Mor Rogue Valley Dundee 503-538-2279
Winderlea Vineyard & Winery Willamette Valley Dundee 503-554-5900
Agate Ridge Vineyard Chehalem Mountains Eagle Point 541-830-3050
LaBrasseur Vineyard Columbia Gorge Eagle Point 541-865-3648
Anindor Vineyards Elkton Elkton 541-584-2637
Bradley Vineyards Columbia Gorge Elkton 541-584-2888
Brandborg Vineyard & Winery Eola-Amity Hills Elkton 541-584-2870
River's Edge Winery Elkton 541-584-2357
LaVelle Vineyards McMinnville Elmira 541-935-9406
Capitello Wines Chehalem Mountains Eugene 541-520-3092
Dylans Run Vineyard Willamette Valley Eugene 541-343-5810
Eugene Wine Cellars Willamette Valley Eugene 541-342-2600
Houston Vineyards Dundee Hills Eugene 541-747-4681
Iris Vineyards Eugene 541-942-5993
J Scott Cellars Dundee Hills Eugene 541-344-1935
King Estate Winery Yamhill-Carlton Eugene 541-942-9874
Noble Estate Vineyard Rogue Valley Eugene 541-338-3007
Oakdale Cellars Columbia Gorge Eugene 541-521-1726
Opine Cellars Willamette Valley Eugene 541-349-9076
Sarver Yamhill-Carlton Eugene 541-935-2979
Silvan Ridge/Hinman Columbia Gorge Eugene 541-345-1945
Sweet Cheeks Winery McMinnville Eugene 541-349-9463
Territorial Vineyards & Wine Company Yamhill-Carlton Eugene 541-684-9463
Apolloni Vineyards Willamette Valley Forest Grove 503-330-5946
David Hill Vineyards Willamette Valley Forest Grove 503-359-5436
Gresser Vineyard Willamette Valley Forest Grove 503-679-3497
Momokawa Sake Brewery Chehalem Mountains Forest Grove 503-357-7056
Montinore Estate Dundee Hills Forest Grove 503-359-5012
Shafer Valley Vineyards Rogue Valley Forest Grove 503-357-6604
Tualatin Estate Vineyard Rogue Valley Forest Grove 503-357-5005
ADEA Wine Company Willamette Valley Gaston 503-662-4509
Big Table Farm Eola-Amity Hills Gaston 503-662-3129
Elk Cove Vineyards Willamette Valley Gaston 503-628-0337
Kramer Vineyards Eola-Amity Hills Gaston 503-662-4545
Morgan Meadows Vineyard McMinnville Gaston
Patton Valley Vineyards Willamette Valley Gaston 503-985-3445
Plum Hill Vineyards Eola-Amity Hills Gaston 503-359-4706
Tendril Wine Cellars Dundee Hills Gaston 503-858-4524
Del Rio Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Gold Hill 541-855-0777
Folin Cellars Columbia Gorge Gold Hill 541-855-1838
Applegate Red Winery McMinnville Grants Pass 541-846-9422
Rosella's Vineyard Willamette Valley Grants Pass 541-846.6372
Schmidt Family Vineyards Willamette Valley Grants Pass 541-846-9985
Serra Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Grants Pass
Slagle Creek Vineyards Willamette Valley Grants Pass 541-846-6176
Soloro Vineyard Walla Walla Valley Grants Pass 541-862-2693
The Academy Willamette Valley Grants Pass 541.846.6817
Troon Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Grants Pass 541-846-9900
Wooldridge Creek Vineyard & Winery McMinnville Grants Pass 541-846-6364
Beran Vineyards Dundee Hills Hillsboro 503-628-1298
Cloudrest Vineyards Walla Walla Valley Hillsboro 503-628-2552
Freja Cellars Willamette Valley Hillsboro 503-628-7843
Garden Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Hillsboro 503-547-9046
Helvetia Winery Willamette Valley Hillsboro 503-647-7596
J. Albin Winery Rogue Valley Hillsboro 503-628-2986
Oak Knoll Winery Willamette Valley Hillsboro 503-648-8198
Phelps Creek Vineyards Hood River 541-386-2607
Hood Crest Winery Chehalem Mountains Hood River 541-386-4841
Pheasant Valley Winery Chehalem Mountains Hood River 866-357-9463
Viento Wines Rogue Valley Hood River 541-386-3026
Mt. Hood Winery Willamette Valley Hood River 541-386-8333
Wy'East Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Hood River 541-386-1277
Cathedral Ridge Winery Yamhill-Carlton Hood River 800-516-8710
Marchesi Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Hood River 541-386-1800
Cerulean Winery Elkton Hood River 503-705-9840
Springhouse Cellar Winery Eola-Amity Hills Hood River 541-308-0700
Stoltz Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Hood River 541-386-8732
The Pines 1852 McMinnville Hood River 541-993-8301
The Gorge White House Eola-Amity Hills Hood River 541-386-2828
Naked Winery Chehalem Mountains Hood River 541-386-3700
Hood River Vineyards McMinnville Hood River 541-386-3772
Cowhorn Vineyard Rogue Valley Jacksonville 541-899-6876
Cricket Hill Winery Yamhill-Carlton Jacksonville 541-899-7264
Daisy Creek Vineyard Willamette Valley Jacksonville 541-899-8329
Devitt Winery and Vineyards Dundee Hills Jacksonville 541-899-7511
Jacksonville Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Jacksonville 541-899-6923
LongSword Vineyard Chehalem Mountains Jacksonville 541-899-1746
Madrone Mountain Vineyard Columbia Gorge Jacksonville 541-899-9642
Merrill Cellars Willamette Valley Jacksonville 541-899-7337
Quady North Chehalem Mountains Jacksonville 541-702-2123
Red Lily Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Jacksonville 541-846-6800
South Stage Cellars Columbia Gorge Jacksonville 541-899-9120
Valley View Vineyard Willamette Valley Jacksonville 800-781-9463
Brigadoon Rogue Valley Junction City 541-998-8708
High Pass Winery Chehalem Mountains Junction City 541-998-1447
Pfeiffer Vineyards Willamette Valley Junction City 541-998-2828
Sea Mist Winery Rogue Valley Langlois 541-347-4106
Chateau Lorane Willamette Valley Lorane 541-942-8028
Anthony Dell Cellers Willamette Valley McMinnville 971-218-7040
Biggio Hamina McMinnville McMinnville 503-737-9703
Black Cap Wines Chehalem Mountains McMinnville 971-237-0626
Brittan Vineyards Eola-Amity Hills McMinnville 503-989-2509
Brooks Wines Dundee Hills McMinnville 503-435-1278
Coeur de Terre Vineyard Dundee Hills McMinnville 503-883-4111
Coleman Vineyard Eola-Amity Hills McMinnville 503-843-2707
Croft Bailey Vineyards Willamette Valley McMinnville 503-881-8300
Denison Cellars Rogue Valley McMinnville 541-517-3370
Dominio IV Wines Yamhill-Carlton McMinnville 503-474-8636
Eminent Domaine Willamette Valley McMinnville 503-855-4505
Evergreen Vineyards Umpqua Valley McMinnville 866-434-4818
Genius Loci Chehalem Mountains McMinnville 503-407-7589
LaBete Wines McMinnville 503-977-1493
Lachini Vineyards Dundee Hills McMinnville 503-864.4553
Maysara Winery Willamette Valley McMinnville 503-843-1234
Panther Creek Cellars Eola-Amity Hills McMinnville 503-472-8080
R Stuart & Co Willamette Valley McMinnville 866-472-6990
Remy Wines Chehalem Mountains McMinnville 503-560-2003
Seufert Winery Rogue Valley McMinnville 503-709-1255
Stone Wolf Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton McMinnville 503-434-9025
Terra Vina Wines Columbia Gorge McMinnville 503-474-6777
The Eyrie Vineyards Chehalem Mountains McMinnville 503-472-6315
Walnut City Wineworks Columbia Valley McMinnville 503-472-3215
Westrey Wine Chehalem Mountains McMinnville 503-434-6357
Yamhill Valley Vineyards McMinnville McMinnville 800-825-4845
Youngberg Hill Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton McMinnville 503-472-2727
Zivo McMinnville McMinnville 503-705-9398
2Hawk Winery Chehalem Mountains Medford 541-779-9463
Carpenter Hill Vineyard Medford 541-535-2387
Dancin Vineyards Dundee Hills Medford 541-245-1133
Edenvale Winery Willamette Valley Medford 541-512-2955
Pebblestone Cellars Columbia Gorge Medford 514-512-1704
Rockyknoll Winery Rogue Valley Medford 541-773-2800
Roxy Ann Winery Yamhill-Carlton Medford 541-776-2315
Zerba Cellars Milton-Freewater 541-938-9463
Castillo de Feliciana Winery Columbia Gorge Milton-Freewater 541-558-3656
Watermill Winery Rogue Valley Milton-Freewater 541-938-5575
Stella Fino Winery Willamette Valley Milton-Freewater 541-938-5179
Locati Cellars Chehalem Mountains Milton-Freewater 509-529-5871
Tero Estates Umpqua Valley Milton-Freewater 541-203-0020
Don Carlo Vineyard Willamette Valley Milton-Freewater 509-540-5784
AlexEli Vineyard McMinnville Molalla 503.829.6677
Airlie Winery Eola-Amity Hills Monmouth 503-838-6013
Elkhorn Ridge Vineyards Dundee Hills Monmouth 208-720-3062
Emerson Vineyards Willamette Valley Monmouth 503-878-0944
Viridian Wines Chehalem Mountains Monmouth 503.838.2022
Benton-Lane Winery Willamette Valley Monroe 541-847-5792
Broadley Vineyards McMinnville Monroe 541-847-5934
Garnier Vineyards Willamette Valley Mosier 541-478-2200
Analemma Wines Willamette Valley Mosier 541-478-2873
Pour Moore Wine Eola-Amity Hills Mosier 541-993-1559
David Hamilton Winery Columbia Gorge Mount Vernon 541-932-4567
Carlovanna Vineyards Walla Walla Valley Mt. Angel 503-779-7584
Pyrenees Vineyard & Cellars Umpqua Valley Myrtle Creek 541-863-7797
Nehalem Bay Winery Chehalem Mountains Nehalem 503-368-9463
A to Z Wineworks Umpqua Valley Newberg 503-554-1918
Adelsheim Vineyard Willamette Valley Newberg 503-538-3652
Anam Cara Cellars Willamette Valley Newberg 503-537-9150
Anderson Family Vineyard Columbia Gorge Newberg 503-554-5541
Aramenta Cellars Yamhill-Carlton Newberg 503-538-7230
Arborbrook Vineyards Eola-Amity Hills Newberg 503-538-0959
Artisanal Wine Cellars Willamette Valley Newberg 503-554-6766
August Cellars Willamette Valley Newberg 503-554-6766
Ayres Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton Newberg 503-538-7450
Barking Frog Winery Columbia Gorge Newberg 503-702-5029
Beaux Freres Willamette Valley Newberg 503-537-1137
Bergstrom Wines Chehalem Mountains Newberg 503-554-0468
Brick House Vineyards Rogue Valley Newberg 503-538-5136
Carabella Vineyard Rogue Valley Newberg 503-925-0972
Chehalem Yamhill-Carlton Newberg (503) 538-4700
Cliff Creek Cellars McMinnville Newberg 503-487-6692
Colene Clemens Willamette Valley Newberg 503-662-4687
de Lancellotti Family Vineyards Willamette Valley Newberg 503.804.3352
Fire and Flood Oregon Eola-Amity Hills Newberg 503-487-6177
Francis Tannahill Eola-Amity Hills Newberg 503-554-1918
J K Carriere Wines Yamhill-Carlton Newberg 503-554-0721
Laura Volkman Wines Umpqua Valley Newberg 503-806-4047
Lawton Winery Chehalem Mountains Newberg 503-538-6509
Longplay Wine Chehalem Mountains Newberg 503-489-8466
Matello Wine Dundee Hills Newberg 503-939-1308
McKinlay Vineyard Willamette Valley Newberg 503-625-2534
Natalie's Estate Winery Chehalem Mountains Newberg 503.554.9350
Owen Roe Willamette Valley Newberg 503-678-6514
Patricia Green Cellars Rogue Valley Newberg 503-554-0821
Penner Ash Wine Cellars McMinnville Newberg 503-554 5545
Prive Vineyards McMinnville Newberg 503-554-0464
Purple Cow Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Newberg 971.259.8269
Raptor Ridge Winery Rogue Valley Newberg 503-887-5595
Redman Wines Rogue Valley Newberg 503-554-1290
Rex Hill Eola-Amity Hills Newberg 800-739-4455
Roco Winery McMinnville Newberg 503-538-7625
RR Winery Chehalem Mountains Newberg 503-984-7434
Sineann/Medici Winery Eola-Amity Hills Newberg 503-341-2698
Styring Vineyards Eola-Amity Hills Newberg 503-866-6741
Tresori Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Newberg 971-313-2021
Trisaetum Yamhill-Carlton Newberg 503-538-9898
Utopia Vineyard Willamette Valley Newberg 503-852-7546
Vercingetorix Eola-Amity Hills Newberg 503-538-9895
Vidon Vineyard Willamette Valley Newberg 503-538-4092
Volare Vineyard & Winery Rogue Valley Newberg 503.537.9462
Whistling Ridge Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Newberg 503-538-6641
William Hatcher Wines Rogue Valley Newberg 503-554-1912
Abbey Creek Winery Yamhill-Carlton North Plains 503.389.0619
Marsh Anne Landing Yamhill-Carlton Oakland 541-459-8497
Misty Oaks Vineyard Willamette Valley Oakland 541-459-3558
Triple Oak Vineyard Willamette Valley Oakland 541-459-1385
Christopher Bridge Wines Yamhill-Carlton Oregon City 503.263.6267
King's Raven Winery Rogue Valley Oregon City 503-539-7202
Flying Dutchman Winery Columbia Gorge Otter Rock 541-765-2553
Cabarenet Creek Farms Chehalem Mountains Parkdale
Cardwell Hill Cellars Rogue Valley Philomath 541-929-9463
Harris Bridge Vineyard Applegate Valley Philomath 541-929-3053
Lumos Wine Company Columbia Gorge Philomath 541-929-3519.
Pheasant Court Winery McMinnville Philomath 541-929-7715
Spindrift Cellers McMinnville Philomath 541-929-6555
Boedecker Cellars Willamette Valley Portland 503-866-0095
Bow & Arrow Willamette Valley Portland
Clay Pigeon Winery Dundee Hills Portland
Division Winemaking Co Willamette Valley Portland
Enso Winery Chehalem Mountains Portland 503-683-3676
Fullerton Wines Rogue Valley Portland
Grochau Cellars Yamhill-Carlton Portland 503-522-2455
Helioterra Wines Chehalem Mountains Portland 503-757-5881
Hip Chicks Do Wine Willamette Valley Portland 503-753-6374
Jackalope Wine Cellars Dundee Hills Portland 971-533-8834
Jasper Sisco Chehalem Mountains Portland 205-568-1118
Ore Winery Willamette Valley Portland 503-473-4055
Seven Bridges Winery Yamhill-Carlton Portland 503-203-2583
Vincent Wine Co Chehalem Mountains Portland 503-740-9475
Willful Wine Dundee Hills Portland 503-577-8982
Baptista Maresh Vineyards Rogue Valley Portland 503-620-3337
Jan-Marc Wine Cellars Yamhill-Carlton Portland 503-341-4531
Shea Wine Cellars Willamette Valley Portland 503-241-6527
Urban Wineworks Columbia Gorge Portland 503-226-9797
Left Coast Cellars Eola-Amity Hills Rickerall 503.831.4916
Cherry Hill Winery Dundee Hills Rickreall 503-623-7867
Eola Hills Wine Cellars Willamette Valley Rickreall 503-623-2405
Johan Vineyards Eola-Amity Hills Rickreall 866-379-6020
Abacela Vineyards Dundee Hills Roseburg 541-679-6642
Becker Vineyard Umpqua Valley Roseburg 541-677-0288
Chateau Nonchalant Dundee Hills Roseburg 541-679-2394
Delfino Vineyards Roseburg 541-673-7575
Girardet Wine Cellars Willamette Valley Roseburg 541-679-7252
HillCrest Vineyard Eola-Amity Hills Roseburg 541-673-3709
Melrose Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Roseburg 541-672-6080
Palotai Vineyard and Winery Columbia Gorge Roseburg 541-464-8127
Reustle Prayer Rock Vineyards Willamette Valley Roseburg 541-459-6060
Spangler Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Roseburg 541-679-9654
TeSoAria Vineyard & Winery Columbia Gorge Roseburg 541-464-0032
Ankeny Vineyard Chehalem Mountains Salem 503-378-1498
Arcane Cellars Salem 503-868-7076
Bethel Heights Vineyard Willamette Valley Salem 503-581-2262
Bjornson Vineyard McMinnville Salem 503-877-8189
Bryn Mawr Vineyards Rogue Valley Salem 503-581-4286
Cottonwood Winery of Oregon Willamette Valley Salem 503-572-9869
Cristom Vineyards Chehalem Mountains Salem 503-357-3068
Cubanisimo Vineyards McMinnville Salem 503-588-1763
Evesham Wood Vineyard Willamette Valley Salem 503-371-8478
Honeywood Winery Rogue Valley Salem 503-362-4111
Kathken Vineyards Rogue Valley Salem 503-316-3911
Lewman Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton Salem 503-365-8859
Mahonia Vineyard Willamette Valley Salem 503-585-8789
Mystic Wines Willamette Valley Salem 503-581-2769
Orchard Heights Winery Applegate Valley Salem 503-391-7308
Pudding River Wine Cellars Yamhill-Carlton Salem 503.365.0391
Redhawk Vineyard Rogue Valley Salem 503-362-1596
Rizzo Winery Yamhill-Carlton Salem 503-577-5741
Sass Winery Willamette Valley Salem 503-391-9991
St. Innocent Winery Chehalem Mountains Salem 503-378-1526
Stangeland Vineyards Willamette Valley Salem 503-581-0355
The Cost Vineyard Dundee Hills Salem 503-922-3549
Trinity Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton Salem 503-371-6977
Vitae Springs Vineyard McMinnville Salem 503.581.3411
Whistling Dog Cellars Umpqua Valley Salem 503-329-5114
Witness Tree Vineyard Columbia Gorge Salem 503-585-7874
Zenith Vineyard Walla Walla Valley Salem 503-932-3540
Buddha Kat Winery Rogue Valley Sandy 503-668-3124
Abiqua Wind Vineyard Willamette Valley Scotts Mills 503-874-9818
Deer Creek Vineyards Eola-Amity Hills Selma 541-597-4226
Crater Lake Cellars Willamette Valley Shady Cove 541-878-4200
Ransom Wine Company Eola-Amity Hills Sheridan 503-876-5022
Alloro Vineyard Eola-Amity Hills Sherwood 503-813-0063
Blakeslee Vineyard Estate Willamette Valley Sherwood
Et Fille Wines Umpqua Valley Sherwood 503-449-5030
Hawks View Cellars Yamhill-Carlton Sherwood 503-625-1591
K & M Wines Chehalem Mountains Sherwood 503-625-3236
Quailhurst Vineyard Estate Yamhill-Carlton Sherwood 509-427-5132
Paradis Family Vineyard Chehalem Mountains Silverton 503-873-8475
Vitis Ridge from Silverton Cellars Walla Walla Valley Silverton 503-873-9800
Silver Falls Vineyard Columbia Gorge Sublimity 503.769.5056
Marks Ridge Winery Willamette Valley Sweet Home 541-974-4450
Paschal Winery Umpqua Valley Talent 541-535-7957
Trium Willamette Valley Talent 541-535-4015
Maison de Glace Winery Willamette Valley The Dalles 541-993-4640
Copa di Vino Eola-Amity Hills The Dalles 541-298-8900
Dry Hollow Vineyards Columbia Gorge The Dalles 541-296-2953
Quenett Winery Chehalem Mountains The Dalles 541-386-2229
Bolton Cellars Rogue Valley The Dalles 541-296-7139
Springhouse Cellar Winery Willamette Valley The Dalles 541-478-3237
Erin Glenn Vineyards Chehalem Mountains The Dalles, 541-296-4707
Edgefield Winery Yamhill-Carlton Troutdale 503-665-2992
Willamette Valley Vineyards Dundee Hills Turner 503-588-9463
Henry Estate Winery Willamette Valley Umpqua 541-459-5120
Holloran Vineyard Wines McMinnville West Linn 503-638-6224
J. Christopher Wines Eola-Amity Hills West Linn 503-231-5094
Oswego Hills Vineyard & Winery Chehalem Mountains West Linn 503-655-2599
Ribera Vineyards Yamhill-Carlton West Linn 503.638.7323
Plaisance Ranch Rogue Valley Williams 541-846-7175
Belle Pente Wine Cellars Eola-Amity Hills wine@bellepente.com bellepente
Wild Rose Vineyard Willamette Valley Winston 541-679-2043
Hanson Vineyards Eola-Amity Hills Woodburn 202-236-5282
Atticus Wine Chehalem Mountains Yamhill 503-662-3485
Barbara Thomas Wines Walla Walla Valley Yamhill 503-662-4585
Lenne Estate Chehalem Mountains Yamhill 503-956-2256
Saffron Fields Vineyard Yamhill 503-662-5323
Sejourne Dundee Hills Yamhill 971-237-5138
Stag Hollow Vineyards McMinnville Yamhill 503-662-5609
The Grand Cru Estates Umpqua Valley Yamhill 503-662-4730
Willakenzie Estate Chehalem Mountains Yamhill 503-662-3280

Not included in this list:

1. Wineries that sell wine under multiple labels are counted only once.

2. Vinyards & growers that only sell bulk grapes to other wineries are not counted.

3. Satellite wine tasting rooms off-site from the winery are not counted.