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Wine Glossary: R

While tasting wine across Washington state, here are some terms you may come across:

Racking - Traditional method of wine clarification whereby wine is moved, by hose from one container to another leaving behind the unwanted sediment.

Racy - A good quality, light wine with a lively acidic quality.

Raisiny - Mildly rich, raisin like taste that comes from overripe grapes, sometimes from fruit that is grown in hotter than usual areas causing the grapes to dry out while still on the vine. Can be considered a fault and is only pleasing in very small amounts in some wines.

Raw - Undeveloped, young wines, that are often high in alcohol, acidity and quite tannic.

Refined - Most often refers to well-balanced red wines.

Rehoboam - An over-sized bottle, holding 4.5 liters or the equivalent of about 6 regular sized bottles.

Remuage - A process used in the making of Champagne whereby the sediment is removed after secondary fermentation in bottle.

Residual Sugar - The unfermented grape sugar in a finished bottled wine; usually measured by percentage, by weight or volume.

Rich - Enticing body, flavor and bouquet; full on the palate.

Riesling - One of the world's finest grape varieties, this classic, noble German white grape produces many great flavorful, wide ranging, crisp wines.

Robust - Descriptive of a full-bodied, intense, vigorous, heady wine.

RosÚ - A pale pink wine, ranging from dry to sweet and traditionally made by removing the skins from red grapes early on in the fermentation process, before they have the time to impart too much color. Less traditionally, some labels carry rosÚs that have been made by the blending of red and white wines.

Rough - Not pleasing in texture or flavor; harsh, possibly biting.

Round - Describes flavors that are smooth, with a sensation of completeness, balance; well developed without any rough edges.

Rustic - Used to describe wines either made in old-fashioned or centuries old, traditional techniques and processes or tasting as if they had been.

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