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Are you a winery, vineyard, wine bar, wine shop or wine tourism merchant doing business in Washington state? Then chances are you already have a free listing on this site. If you are a winery or wine bar, also included is the following info that promotes your business:


  • Link to your website
  • Email form (your email address is hidden)
  • Business-specific amenities (newly expanded)
  • Expanded business description
  • Business-specific calendar of events
  • Interactive map with driving directions

And this information can be updated by you anytime. Once in our database, you are emailed a username and password to login and update your winery profile. Note that you must have a working email to be in our directory.

All that is asked in return is a link to us from your website!
For more info see link to GoTasteWine.com

Paid Advertising

This site currently receives an average of over 10,000 visitors per month. Search engine bots, user logins and our own visits are all excluded from these numbers and then averaged, so unlike some sites, these numbers are the true numbers of targeted visitors to the site and not inflated.

WE WILL BE ROLLING OUT A SELF-SERVE ADVERTISING PLATFORM SOON. This will have the ultimate in flexibility of ad layouts, positioning on page, which pages to display on, length of time, and pricing (flat, CPC, CPM), all with your ability to add and edit ads and see your stats!

GoTasteWine.com promotes itself on the Internet using industry-standard search engine marketing methods, all targeted for the Washington wine industry. The results are measurable and increasing traffic to our website, which in turn can drive traffic to your website. So what are you waiting for - help your customers Go Taste Wine!

Please email me at dan(at)gotastewine(dot)com for questions, custom listings and other advertising opportunities on our site.